A better system is out there.
Let’s build it together.

From the start, WisdomTree has been committed to the idea of creating a better way to invest. Our guiding principles of always do the right thing, no short cuts, no exceptions, have resulted in WisdomTree being the world’s largest, independent ETF sponsor, with a reputation grounded in security, trust, and reliability.

We’ve taken these core values and used them as the foundation for our new WisdomTree Prime™ digital assets financial app. Just as WisdomTree became a pioneer in the ETF space, we are now striving to be at the forefront of the DeFi transformation taking place across financial services.

WisdomTree Prime is a financial services app built from the ground up on blockchain rails with DeFi concepts. Powered by these revolutionary technologies, we see the possibility of an equitable financial ecosystem that embodies ownership, transparency, and inclusivity. One that reduces intermediaries and the outdated processes that come with them. And one that empowers individuals and puts the consumer at the heart of the financial eco-system, giving them total control and choice over their financial lives.

This is the first step on a journey to change the way people interact with their finances and how they interact with each other.

Join us to make your voice heard.