Introducing WisdomTree Prime

Today, WisdomTree announced we will be launching a new direct-to-retail fintech offering called WisdomTree Prime. WisdomTree Prime is a digital wallet, made available as a mobile app, that allows users to invest, save and spend with digital assets.

For us, digital assets can be a broad term and includes:

  • Blockchain-enabled registered funds, which could include stocks and bonds based on WisdomTree's indexes
  • Tokenized “physical” assets like dollars, gold or other commodities
  • Certain crypto assets, like bitcoin and ether

WisdomTree Prime will be a curated experience - we aren't aiming to be an app for trading and speculation, but rather provide a core suite of savings, payments and investments exposures and services. For example, we are building features like a debit card that can be linked to certain of these assets.

WisdomTree Prime will be blockchain-native - unlike many other consumer fintech apps today, we are aiming to take advantage of the latest financial infrastructure by building ON the latest financial infrastructure. This will remove intermediaries and deliver these services in a unified user experience. In doing so, we are embracing DeFi principles of choice, transparency and inclusivity.

We are targeting beta launch in certain states in the second quarter, and we are aiming to be rolling out nationally later this year. While starting as a retail app, over time we look forward to serving institutions and financial advisory firms. If interested, sign up for our waitlist here and we'll keep you posted on our progress!

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