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Crypto Clarified: A New Approach to Wealth and Asset Management – Matt McClintock and Sune Sorensen

Crypto Clarified

Benjamin Dean

March 2, 2023

Invest in the Truth by checking out this new episode of Crypto Clarified.

Director of Digital Assets Benjamin Dean invites guests Matt McClintock and Sune Sorensen of Bespoke Group ( to discuss the evolution of cross-asset management and the opportunities and challenges presented by crypto assets.

Matt McClintock co-founded the multi-family office focused on successful entrepreneurs with significant crypto holdings, and he shared his experience of building bespoke solutions for clients and how this led him to partner with Sune and his team in Switzerland to form a fully regulated cross-border multi-family office.

Sune Sorensen, who has been involved in cross-asset management for over 15 years, highlighted the historical context of technology waves unlocking value in key industries and how the last two and a half decades have been marked by a confluence of digital technologies. He explained how crypto assets are a natural extension of previous technological waves and how the blockchain and smart contracts may offer better ways to deal with the centralized and arcane operation of financial markets.

Overall, a thought-provoking conversation that provides valuable insights into the potential of crypto assets and their role in the future of finance. Learn more about cross-asset management, wealth management,  and Crypto by watching this episode of Crypto Clarified.

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