Frequently Asked Questions

What is WisdomTree Prime?

WisdomTree Prime is a blockchain-native financial app built on the DeFi principles of choice, transparency, and inclusivity. Our goal with the app is to give you the power to do more on a single platform, so that you have a level of control over your money and your financial future like never before.


Who can join the waitlist?

If you’re a U.S. resident, 18 years or older, you can join the waitlist. Our goal is to expand the waitlist for WisdomTree Prime to other countries in the future, and we’ll be providing updates along the way!


Why should I join the waitlist?

By joining the waitlist you’ll be among the first invited to download the app, when it is made available in your state, and receive updates about WisdomTree Prime – like the exact date of the app’s launch, as well as exclusive early access to our beta releases, and previews of new features and services.


What determines my position on the waitlist?

Your position on the waitlist is determined by when you signed up.


When will the app be launching?

Our team is working hard to launch the beta roll out of the WisdomTree Prime app later this year. We’ll send email updates on our roadmap and launch timeline to those signed up for the waitlist.