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From the start, WisdomTree has been a pioneer and innovator in financial services.

Our vision and commitment to the idea of creating a better way to invest has lead to WisdomTree being the world’s largest independent ETF sponsor through its global subsidiaries, with a reputation grounded in security, trust, and reliability.

We’ve taken these core values and used them as the foundation for WisdomTree Prime®, a new personal finance app made available through WisdomTree’s new business line focused on building the next evolution of financial products and services.

WisdomTree Prime is focused on offering a user-friendly, curated experience with access to digital assets such as a Gold token and Crypto, as well as Digital Funds that cover a range of major asset classes. These assets, together with an evolving tool set and cutting-edge functionality, have the potential to give users an unprecedented level of control over their money.


Our vision for WisdomTree Prime is simple – give consumers a secure, transparent, and easy-to-use way to spend, save, and invest their money. This vision is made possible by our commitment as an organization to be a leader in tokenization and blockchain-enabled finance, and our belief that investor and consumer advocacy and protections should be at the core of everything we do.

We’re excited to bring our vision for the next generation of personal finance to life. And we look forward to having you join us as we seek to change the way people interact with their finances.

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