Crypto Clarified: Crypto Cycles Adoption Curves and ESG – with Nicolas Cary

Benjamin Dean

September 13, 2023

Benjamin is a Director in the Digital Assets team for WisdomTree. He focuses on overall digital asset strategy, research and external relations. Prior to joining the company Ben was Cyber Catastrophe Lead at Hiscox Insurance Group. His prior work experience covered the opportunities and risks presented by emerging technologies for organisations including the OECD and the European Parliament. 
 Ben was a Fellow for Cybersecurity and received a Master of International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. He also graduated with honours from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences.

Invest in the Truth by checking out this new episode of Crypto Clarified.

The digital realm, especially the intriguing world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, is in a constant state of flux. Staying updated on the innovative breakthroughs and nuanced perspectives is essential, and that is exactly what Crypto Clarified does. In the latest episode of Crypto Clarified, WisdomTree’s Benjamin Dean invites guest Nic Cary onto the podcast to discuss all things Blockchain and Crypto.

Meet Nic Cary

A lifelong technologist and serial entrepreneur, Nic Cary has a rich tapestry of experiences. He is not only one of the cornerstones of but also a proud Angel Investor and the Chairman of, a youth accelerator initiative he played a pivotal role in founding. With accolades like the 2015 European Digital Leader award, Cary’s influence in the fintech sector and entrepreneurial advocacy is undeniable.

Nic Cary’s journey takes us from his childhood in Colorado with a multicultural upbringing to an early initiation into entrepreneurship by selling clams and later lemonade. Whether it was building web platforms during high school, creating an order management system in exchange for sandwiches, or contributing to various tech-driven projects, Cary’s life encapsulates the spirit of digital transformation.

On This Episode of Crypto Clarified

In this episode, Nic Cary and Ben Dean cover a wide range of topics. Beyond discussing the once-popular acronym “ESG” and its contemporary relevance, he also shares insights about Bitcoin’s transformative potential. The episode isn’t just limited to the technicalities of blockchain though; Cary’s passion for entrepreneurship and his optimistic outlook on the ‘Future’ with a capital “F” makes this episode a holistic experience.

Nic Cary’s fascinating journey from his early business ventures to his academic pursuits in politics, business, and constitutional law, and from his stint as a teacher in India to joining a tech startup and shaping CRM tools – all provide a unique lens to view the evolving digital world through.

With’s extensive contribution to the crypto world and Cary’s diverse experiences, this episode offers a goldmine of insights not just into the world of crypto, but also the broader digital evolution and entrepreneurial spirit in the digital assets sector.

Don’t miss out on this exciting discussion about the future of crypto with one of the industry’s thought leaders.

Watch the full episode below.

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