Crypto Clarified: Does regulation impact innovation? with Manuel Beaudroit

Benjamin Dean

April 3, 2024

Benjamin is a Director in the Digital Assets team for WisdomTree. He focuses on overall digital asset strategy, research and external relations. Prior to joining the company Ben was Cyber Catastrophe Lead at Hiscox Insurance Group. His prior work experience covered the opportunities and risks presented by emerging technologies for organisations including the OECD and the European Parliament. 
 Ben was a Fellow for Cybersecurity and received a Master of International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. He also graduated with honours from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences.

Embracing Crypto’s Future with Manuel Beaudroit of Belo on Crypto Clarified

In the latest episode of Crypto Clarified, Benjamin Dean connects with Manuel Beaudroit, the Co-Founder and CEO of Belo, to loot into the intricacies of crypto in the face of regulatory challenges and the quest for privacy and anonymity. Beaudroit’s insights shed light on the unique hurdles and opportunities in Latin America, particularly focusing on Argentina’s economic landscape.

About Manuel Beaudroit

Manuel Beaudroit’s journey from the fields of biology to multimedia technology, and finally to blockchain, is a testament to his adaptive innovation and dedication to making crypto a part of everyday life. His work at Accenture introduced him to Bitcoin, sparking a 12-year journey of exploration and commitment to blockchain technology. At the helm of Belo since its 2021 inception, Beaudroit aims to transform cryptocurrency from a trading commodity into a viable daily currency, addressing user experience as the primary barrier to mass-market crypto adoption.

Insights from the Episode

This episode ventures into the pressing issues faced by those in Argentina and Latin America, including inflation, capital controls, and a general distrust in traditional financial institutions. These challenges, as discussed by Beaudroit, fuel the inventive use of cryptocurrency to circumvent economic constraints. Belo, under Beaudroit’s guidance, has evolved from offering broker services to creating a comprehensive platform for utilizing crypto in daily transactions, thereby addressing both technological and user experience gaps in the market.

A significant part of the conversation is dedicated to the impact of regulation on crypto innovation. Beaudroit argues that while regulation is necessary, an over-regulated environment can hinder the growth and development of new technologies and startups. Looking forward, Beaudroit expresses a keen interest in enhancing privacy, the freedom of global transactions, and the potential of a decentralized economy, exploring how blockchain technology can offer viable solutions to systemic problems.

A Glimpse into the Future

This episode not only highlights the innovative steps taken by Belo under Manuel Beaudroit’s leadership but also underscores the broader potential of cryptocurrency to revolutionize economic systems plagued by inefficiency and distrust. As we look to the future, the insights from Beaudroit offer both caution and optimism for the path ahead in the digital economy.

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